Community Workshop #1: Preliminary Land Use and Design Plan


The first Community Workshop for the Hollydale Area Specific Plan was held on December 3, 2014, in the Community Room at Hollydale Park, 12221 Industrial Avenue. Spanish translation was provided at the workshop. This public meeting was preceded by a meeting with the Hollydale Area Specific Plan Steering Committee.

After introductions, the consultant team presented PowerPoint slides showing the Specific Plan area boundaries, background and purpose of the Specific Plan, existing conditions related to land use, streetscapes and the circulation network, as well as a summary of key demographic information. The presentation also included preliminary land use, circulation and urban design concepts, including streetscape improvements.

After the presentation, the participants discussed the major issues for the Hollydale area including the future of the Garfield Retail Area, multi-family and mixed use opportunities in the Specific Plan area, industrial uses, and the proposed Eco-Rapid Transit among others. Detailed comments are noted in the Summary Notes document below.

Workshop #1 Flyer – PDF
Workshop #1 Flyer / Spanish – PDF
Workshop #1 Agenda – PDF
Workshop #1 Agenda / Spanish – PDF
Workshop #1 Presentation – PDF
Workshop #1 Discussion Notes Summary – PDF
Hollydale Area Preliminary Land Use and Design Plan – PDF
Hollydale Area Preliminary Streetscape Improvements – PDF
Hollydale Area General Plan Designations – PDF